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Be Part of the Solution

Tragically, millions of cats and dogs are killed in shelters each year because there aren't enough homes for all of them. Be a responsible pet guardian and help reduce this number by spaying or neutering your pet.

If you're unable to afford the cost, the national organizations listed below provide spay/neuter assistance.

Spay Florida - A statewide Florida low-cost spay/neuter referral service.

Alley Cat Allies — As the foremost experts on feral cats, Alley Cat Allies promotes non-lethal control for feral and stray cats with trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs that effectively reduce their population by sterilization — not euthanasia.

Florida Animal Friend - An organization that strives to reduce the pet overpopulation problem by increasing awareness of programs that are available to pet owners and homeless pets. These programs are funded through sales of the official Florida Animal Friend Spay and Neuter license plate.

Friends of Animals — Pet owners may purchase a certificate from Friends of Animals that can be used for a routine spay or neuter surgery at any of FoA’s participating veterinary hospitals.

Love that Cat Store — Free or low-cost spay/neuter programs in the United States, listed by state.

SpayUSA — A national referral service that issues certificates for affordable spay/neuter services.

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