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Free to Good Home Ads

"Free to Good Home Ads" endanger pets! These ads can attract people who fraudulently obtain these animals for such purposes as

  • bait to train fighting dogs
  • food for snakes
  • sale to research facilities
  • ritual sacrifices
  • malicious pranks

Also, people place more value on what they pay for; hence, pets obtained for free are more likely to be abandoned or abused.

Find more information about the dangers "Free to Good Home" ads on the following websites:

Animal Aid of SW Michigan - Very comprehensive; also has a sample Letter to the Editor and pdf version
National Humane Education Society

Tips on what you can do to help prevent theft of animals and warn of dangers of "Free to Good Home" ads:

Helping Animals Fact Sheet

Links to sample letters to the editor regarding "Free To Good Home" ads:

Helping Animals
Animal Aid

("Thank you" to Highlands Today for discontinuing its 7-day free ad promotion for "Free to Good Home" ads)


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